Proud to Care Wiltshire | Working in Wiltshire
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At Proud to Care Wiltshire we aim to:

  • – Raise awareness of the importance of the Social Care profession

  • – Provide information about the range of career opportunities within the Social Care sector

  • – Provide information about the current Social Care vacancies within Wiltshire


Our Vision for Social Care Services in Wiltshire is to have a vibrant and diverse range of services available to meet people’s needs, that is delivered by a highly skilled, professional social care workforce.

In Wiltshire, everybody matters, and we want our social care professional workforce to be

Proud to Care.

Have you got what it takes?

It takes a certain type of person to be a carer. It’s not about qualifications and ticking boxes. It’s about possessing qualities that can’t be taught. It’s about what’s in your heart; what motivates you; what makes you feel good. Dedicating your life to helping others live free and independently? That’s something special. Dealing with concerns that most people couldn’t contemplate? That’s extraordinary. Using your life experiences to help someone else? That’s caring. It’s challenging. It’s unique. It’s rewarding. It’s incredible. It’s not for everyone. But is it for you? This is your opportunity to do something amazing.

This is your opportunity to turn care into a career.

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