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Real Stories

Name: Shaniece

Job Title: Personal Assistant

Employer: Directly employed by Matt


Tell me a bit about the sorts of things you do each day in your role?


I do various things within my role, which is supporting Matt with whatever he

needs. There are loads of things, including accompanying him and his lovely family away on day trips and weekend breaks. I support Matt when he goes shopping, with getting dressed and washing. Occasionally I help Matt with eating if he is physically tired, but usually he does this for himself. I have also had a new experience recently supporting him in his personal work environment.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?


Being able to provide someone with the help they need. Making a genuine friend. Being able to broaden my perspective and educate myself further in regards to different people, and different needs.  And as a result being able to improve the support and care Matt receives and he deserves.


What do you wish you had known about the role before you applied?


I was pretty well informed and educated on the expectations of the job. My mum has been a support worker for many years, and I am currently studying Health and Social Care at college. I have learnt a lot there, and in work placements. And of course Matt and his wife explained everything thoroughly during the interview.


What work aspirations do you now have?


As I have always been interested in the health and social care sector, I would like to progress to be a social worker or a teacher, remaining working around and supporting people. However I am remaining optimistic and hope to achieve in other related areas too.

From Care Work to Commissioning

From Care Work to Quality Assurance Manager

Name: Tina

Job Title:  Hospice at Home Carer

Employer:  Dorothy House Hospice

Tell me a bit about the sorts of things you do each day in your role?


My Job role involves providing support for my Patients with a life limiting illness their carers and their loved ones. This involves maintaining patient’s personal hygiene needs, support maintaining their nutritional needs, helping them to remain as independent as possible, report back any worries or concerns that I may have about a patient to the correct health professionals. Supporting my patients ensuring that they have the best quality of life ever so that they can reach their full potential. Also providing emotional support. Allowing patients to keep their dignity, and become fully involved in their own care.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?


Making a difference, supporting families through such a life changing experience and of course supporting the patient to have the choice on how to die which as we know is quite a tabboo subject to talk about.


What do you wish you had known about the role before you applied?


All was self-explanatory when I applied, if unsure you could always ring up the organisation concerned and ask for a breakdown of the job, shows that you are using your own initiative and showing an interest.


What work aspirations do you have?


My aspiration is to do my best in delivering the best care possible, continue to learn about my area of work so that I can improve my knowledge and skills. Promote the standards that my work place practice, continue to represent my work place in such a way that I become an ambassador whilst working out there in the community.

Name: Jamie

Job Title:  Health Care Assistant

Employer: Salisbury Medical Practice


Tell me a bit about the sorts of things you do each day in your role?


It can vary quite a lot. Some days I can be assisting the surgeons in theatre. Others I have my own clinics. In my own clinics it can vary also, I can range from taking blood samples, giving injections, removing stitches to syringing people’s ears.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?


The most rewarding thing for me is, of course, looking after my patients. The satisfaction you get from providing patient centred care and acting as an advocate for your patient is second to none. It’s the whole reason I do this job.


What do you wish you had known about the role before you applied?


I wish I’d have known how to multi-task, but I’m slowly getting there!



What work aspirations do you now have?


I aspire to train to become a registered nurse, to be more actively involved in chronic disease management and prevention and helping patients with their social situations.

Name: Helen

Job Title:  Care Officer

Employer: John Edwards Care Homes


Tell me a bit about the sorts of things you do each day in your role?


It varies greatly, one day I could be supporting a young person to cook a meal, attend college, go out and about to clubs, on days out to the seaside, or even to Longleat Safari Park.

Another day, I could be accompanying all the young people from the home on holiday, this year we all went to Butlins for the week.

In my role daily I will promote independence to the young people from choosing clothes, choosing and making meals, shopping for food and personal items, supporting with personal care through full support or prompting, administering medication and all usual household tasks to maintain their home and to be safe.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?


The most rewarding part of my role has been my relationship with the young people I support, I often arrive for my shift to be greeted with laughs, smiles, clapping and cuddles. The atmosphere within the home makes everyone feel like family, and I feel part of the furniture.

Seeing the responses from the young people for what seems a small thing like clapping is a huge achievement for one young girl, who can now mimic me clapping or will high five me, and to see the parent’s reactions when they see this is very rewarding.


What do you wish you had known about the role before you applied?


I wish I had known there are care organisation that will take on staff unqualified and with little or no experience in that specialist area – I had only worked with the elderly before as that was my only experience. I would definitely have gone into caring for young people with a learning disability long before now had I known this.


What work aspirations do you now have?


I would one day like to take on a more senior role but at present I am just about to start my Level 3 qualification. This is the first time in my care career that I have felt confident to step up into a more senior role due to my training I have received.

Name: Joe

Job Title:  Support Worker

Employer: The Willows


Tell me a bit about the sorts of things you do each day in your role?


My role as a support worker involves supporting residents to live as independently as possible within their local community. On a day-to-day basis I support residents and try to enable them to do as much for themselves as possible. This could be supporting them to clean their rooms, assisting with personal care tasks, helping them to plan and prepare meals and drinks, or taking them out for the day and supporting them to be a part of the community in which they live. Each day is different and no two days are the same.


What is the most rewarding thing about your role?


The fact that you are supporting people who could not live by themselves. I never thought that the job would be as enjoyable and rewarding as it is. It is so rewarding to see people achieving positive outcomes and their satisfaction from these.


What do you wish you had  know about the role before you applied?


I have always been an ‘expect the unexpected’ kind of guy, so I’m always ready for whatever is thrown at me. So I guess nothing. There are some things that I wasn’t trained for that I had to do, but I did it anyway. With encouragement and enthusiasm from staff, I made it through the tasks and am now more confident as a result.

The training that I have been provided with since I started has also really helped me to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the role.


What work aspirations do you now have?


I will always try as hard as I can to be the best role model possible, this is what inspires me every day. I would like to complete my care certificate – I am already working towards this and started on my QCF Level 2. From there, I really want to progress as much as possible in this organisation and in the field of health and social care.